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Year of establishment : 1943
Location : Ground Floor, Manik Chandra Barooah Administrative Building
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History : Assamese, as a vernacular language subject at college level was first recognized by Calcutta University in 1907 as per the recommendation of the then Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Ashutosh Mukherjee. From the year 1909 onwards, Assamese has been taught in the Degree level. During those initial years, Assamese was attached to Sanskrit Department of the college and the teaching of Assamese was entrusted to a graduate teacher of the Collegiate School, Guwahati who took it up in addition to his own duties. In 1913, Prof. Satyanath Borah was appointed as a part-time teacher to teach Assamese. He was succeeded by Prof. Uma Kanta Goswami in 1924. A full-time teacher post in Assamese was created in 1927 and Prof. Goswami was appointed in this post. Assamese as a second language subject at degree level was introduced in 1939. In 1943, the Department of Assamese was established as an independent Department and Prof. Dibakar Goswami was appointed as the first Head of the Department. In 1979, PG course in Assamese was introduced in this Department under Gauhati University