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Year of establishment : 1907 (1945 as full-fledged department)
Location : 2nd Floor, Manik Chandra Barooah Administrative Building
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History : The teaching of Bengali language in Cotton College started in the year 1907-08 and in the same year a hand written Bengali magazine entitled 'ARUN' was published by the Bengali students. Initially there was not a separate Department of Bengali and it was run under the supervision of Sanskrit Department of the college. The teachers of Sanskrit Department took classes of Bengali too. Prof. Ram Lal Kanjilal, who joined in Sanskrit Department in 1910, was officially given the additional responsibility of teaching Bengali besides Sanskrit. It is worth mentioning that the study and teaching of Bengali language in Assam was started from this Bengali Department of Cotton College. Prof. A.T. Biswas, who joined in 1927, was the first full time teacher in Bengali. In 1945, Bengali Department got the status of an independent Department and Prof. Jatindra Mohan Bhattacharjee was the first Head of the Department. PG course was introduced in Bengali Department in 1992.