Arabic & Persian

Year of establishment : 1901
Location : 2nd Floor, Manik Chandra Barooah Administrative Building
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History :
The Department of Arabic and Persian was started in Cotton College from the very inception of the College in 1901. Prof. Maulavi Abu Nasr Muhammad Waheed was the founder Head of Department who taught all the three languages – Arabic, Persian and Urdu. This department has been playing a vital role in the expansion of the higher qualitative education in the field of Perso-Arabic literature in the NE region in general and Assam in particular. Initially Calcutta University accorded affiliation to Intermediate Course in Arabic, Persian and Urdu in 1907. In the year 1909, the University extended affiliation to B.A. (Pass) Course in Arabic and Persian. Affiliation to Honours (now called ‘Core’) Course was granted to Persian in 1924 by Calcutta University and subsequently to Arabic in 1966 by Gauhati University. The Post-Graduate Courses in Arabic and Persian under Gauhati University was started in this department in 1992. The department has also the provision of teaching in Urdu (Hindustani Language as MIL)