1. Department has one library cum reading room equipped with reputed journals, periodicals and good quality books for the use of students and faculty members.
  2. Internet facilities for Staff & Students: PCs in Computer laboratory are connected with internet facility provided by our college
  3. Class rooms with ICT facility: Department has one class room with ICT facility.
  4. Labortories: Department has one Computer Laboratory with 12 computers along with printers, scanners and one copier to be used by students and faculty members of our department for educational purposes
  5. The department has established a society named ‘Cotton College Statistical Society’ in the year 1994 through which various departmental activities like maintenance of a library, a wall magazine etc. and organizing guest lectures for the benefit of the students as also social activities like organizing health camps, providing relief to victims of natural calamities etc. are conducted. The contributing members of the society are the teachers and students of the department.