(from 1935 onwards)
[The post of Vice-Principal, Cotton College was created in the year 1935]

Prof. S.C. Roy
(from 1935 to 1937)
Prof. H.N. Sen
(from 1937 to 1940)
Prof. S.N. Sen
(from 1940 to 1942)
Prof. A.F. Syed Ahmed
(from 1945 to 1947)
Prof. (Dr.) (Ms.) K. Roy
Prof. (Dr.) (Ms.) P. Barua
Prof. N.K. Barua
Prof. A. Latif
Prof. (Dr.) G.C. Deka
Prof. R.K. Das
Prof. B. Barua
Prof. R. Haque
Prof. B. Deka
Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Goswami
Prof. (Dr.) B.C. Choudhury
Prof. (Dr.) M.C. Ghose
(from 1994 to 1995)
Prof. D. Dutta (from July, 2001 to March, 2002)
Prof. (Dr.) (Ms.) J. Medhi (2002)
Prof. T. Sircar (from
4-3-2004 to 31-3-2007)
Dr. (Ms.) N. Bhattacharjee Goswami (from 1-4-2007 to 31-8-2009)

Dr. (Ms.) B.Sharma
(from 27-11-2009 to

Dr. S. Barua
(From 9-9-2010 to

Dr. (Ms.) S. Sharma
(From 20-3-2013 to