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Political Science
Year of establishment : 1962
Location : Ground Floor, Manik Chandra Barooah Administrative Building

History :
The Department of Political Science was established as an independent Department of Cotton College in the year 1962. Initially, it was the part of an umbrella Department known as the Department of Economics, Political Science and Civics. Prof. Ashraf Ali became the first Head of the Department when it came to be recognized as an independent Department. The Department attained Post-Graduate status from the session 1985-86 under Gauhati University.

Courses offered :
HS Course
Three year Degree Course (B.A.)
Two year (four Semester) Post-Graduate Course (M.A.)

Number of Seats : B.A. 40
M.A. 50

Specialization offered in M.A. : Public Administration

Faculty Members :

Name : Dr. Purobi Sharma
Designation : Head & Associate Professor
Educational Qualification : M.A., Ph.D.
Area of Specialization : Sociology & Administration
Contact Number : 9864070486, 2663969 (Res)
Email : Purobisharma9@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Rita Choudhury
Designation : Associate Professor
Educational Qualification : M.A., Ph.D., LLB
Area of Specialization : Administration & Sociology
Contact Number : 9435345850
Email :

Name : Ms. Banalakshmi Barua
Designation : Associate Professor
Educational Qualification : M.A., M.Phil.
Area of Specialization : Political Sociology
Contact Number : 9854648633, 2380773 (Res)
Email :

Name : Dr. Shantanu Chakravarty
Designation : Associate Professor
Educational Qualification : M.A., Ph.D.
Area of Specialization : Sociology
Contact Number : 9864069178, 2450792 (Res)
Email : shantanunc@yahoo.co.in

Name : Ms. Paramita Dey
Designation : Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification : M.A.
Area of Specialization : Administration
Contact Number : 9435044672, 2456619 (Res)
Email : deyparmita17@yahoo.in 

Name : Sri Dilip Gogoi
Designation : Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification : M.A., M.Phil.
Area of Specialization : International Politics & Human Rights
Contact Number : 9435146865
Email : dilip119@gmail.com

Office Staff Member :

1. Sri Manoj Sharma

Former Faculty Members :

Name Service Period
Ashraf Ali (Deptt. of Civics & Economics) 1945-1968
Rohini Kumar Das 1963-1965
Dr. Surendra Mohan Mahanta 1964-1995
Dr. Kripesh Ch. Paul 1965-1998
Dilip Choudhury 1968-1982
Ms. Sajida Begum 1968-2003
Dr. Mowajjada Rahman 1971-2010
Dr. Adil ul Yasin 1983-1985
Rashid Ahmed  1984-1985
Hem Bordoloi 1985-1987
Dr. Arupjyoti Choudhury 1987-2012
Ms. Mala Hazarika 1989-1990
Hiren Nath 1989-1991
Noni Gopal Mahanta 1993-1995

Facilities :

The Department has one Seminar Library with about 200 books and is well equipped with modern audio-visual teaching aids like OHP etc. It has got 2 computers having round the clock internet connectivity. It has got Photocopying facility too.

Activities :

Political Science Department regularly organizes Guest Lectures, Talks etc. by well known political scientists. The Department under the banner of the 'Political Science Association' time to time organizes educational tours, debates and discussions; conducts political studies and arranges visits to the State Assembly and the Parliament. It also brings out its wall magazine entitled "Samayiki" annually.

Ongoing Minor Research Projects :

Title of the Project Funding Agency Principal Investigator
Trends of coalition politics in India with special reference to Election 2004 UGC Dr. Arupjyoti Choudhury
Urban Development - a case study of Guwahati UGC Dr. (Ms.) Purabi Sarma
An analysis of Indo-Myanmar border management UGC Sri Dilip Gogoi

Recognized Ph. D. Guides of the Department :

Name of the Teacher Recognizing University
Dr. Arupjyoti Choudhury (Former Teacher) Vinayak Mission University, Chennai


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