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Past Office Bearers of CCUS

Cotton College Union Society (CCUS)

The Cotton College Union Society (CCUS) made humble beginning in the opening decades of the college. It is the most comprehensive corporate body among the students of Cotton College. It is the General Body of the students of the college whose membership is compulsory for every Cottonian. The office bearers of this Society are elected annually by the Cottonians. The Principal is the ex-officio President of the Society. Although the initiation of the process of formation of the CCUS was started in the year 1908, it was at first only a literary society. The practice of debating in the Union Society was introduced in 1910. The activities of the Union Society in those days were confined mainly to holding debates, popular talks etc. At the beginning, however, the students do not appear to have taken much interest in the Union Society. In 1919-20, the Students’ Common Room was amalgamated with the Union Society and this led to the positive result with more and more students began to take keen and active interest in the Union Society. In the same year i.e. 1919-20, Late Tilak Chandra Sarma became the first Student Secretary of the Society. However, in those initial years, office bearers of CCUS were not elected, but selected by the college authority. The practice of election was started from the academic session 1934-35, and Late Pabitra Pran Changkakati was the first elected Student Secretary. In 1939 the constitution of the CCUS was amended on democratic lines so as to give the students an increasing share of control over its proceedings. From the academic session 1947-48, the name of the post ‘Student Secretary’ was changed to ‘General Secretary’ and Birendra Kr. Das was the first General Secretary. From the academic session 1981-82, the post of Student Vice President was incorporated in this Society. CCUS, although at the beginning, was only a literary society, at present; it has been playing an important role in moulding the activities of the students in a manner calculated to build up character and thus forming a filling supplement to the intellectual training received within the class rooms.
Tilak Chandra Sarma, First Student Secretary of CCUS


Events organized by Cotton College Union Society in 2016-17 :

  1. On 2nd October, 2016 Cotton College union 2016-17 organized Gandhi Jayanti.

  2. Workshop on Drama was held from 19th to 23rd October, 2016 at K.R.B. Hall, Cotton College.

  3. Cotton College Union Society in association with Cotton College Girls’ Hostels brought out a Peace rally on 30th October, 2016 from Cotton College against terrorism.

  4. In the 5th Anniversary of Death of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika on 5th November 2016, Cotton College Union Society paid tribute to the Legend.

  5. Cultural programme at 18th North-East Book Fair 2016

Activities:(Year 2014-15)

  1. Goalpara flood relief (Agia & Bohto sub-division/blocks) on 19th October, 2014. Distributed food items & cloths. Click here

  2. An awareness camp on “HIV & ISSUES RELATD TO IT” on 1st December, 2014. Lecturer- Dr. Tribeni Goswami, (microbiologists), Satribari Chrisian Hospital.

  3. Annual College week fest on 28th to 31st January, 2015.

  4. Intra-cotton quiz competition on “Dr. Bhupen Hazarika- life & contribution to music” on 5th November.click here

  5. Dimensional handcraft PRIMA workshop on 2nd February, 2015. Click Here

  6. Formation of “COTTON COLLEGE HERITAGE SOCIETY” on 20th March, 2015.

  7. “All Assam inter-College music competition” on 8th & 9th April, 2015.

  8. “COTTON COLLEGE ALUMNI MEET” on 4th & 5th April,2015. Click here

  9. Volunteer’s Training heritage conservation on 28th & 29th April, 2015.

  10. Awareness camp on “HOW TO CRACK UPSC” on 17th June, 2015, Lecturer-Jojo Mathews.

  11. “All Assam inter-college drama competition” on 24th & 25th, 2015 at Rabindra  Bhawan.

  12. Freshmen Social 2015, on 20th August, 2015.