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Krishna Kanta Handique Post Graduate Boys’ Hostel

Year of establishment : 1901

History : Krishna Kanta Handique (KKH) PG Boys’ Hostel, which was established in the year 1901 is the oldest boys’ hostel of Cotton College. Initially known as the ‘Hindu Hostel’, this more than a century old hostel later became well known as the ‘Hindu First Mess’ or First Block’ or simply the ‘First Mess’. Prof. Indu Bhusan Brahmachary of Mathematics Department was its first Superintendent. Since 1983, this hostel has been reserved for the Post Graduate boy students. In the year 1986, this historic hostel was renamed as ‘Krishna Kanta Handique PG Boys’ Hostel’ after the world famous Sanskrit Scholar and Indologist, and the first Vice-Chancellor of Gauhati University Panditpravar Krishna Kanta Handique, who was also a boarder of this hostel during 1913-14. This Assam-type hostel is situated in a campus that occupies more than 4 bighas of land. In the year 2002, KKH PG Boys’ Hostel celebrated its Centenary with a year long programme. Many renowned personalities in various fields of life from Assam in particular and NE India in general were once boarders of this hostel.     

Seat Capacity : 75 (in 22 rooms)

Facilities : The hostel has a spacious ground to play various outdoor games. Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom etc. are also available. It has got a separate library with about 1200 books and several English and Assamese daily newspapers are regularly subscribed. Occasionally, some magazines are also subscribed.

Present Hostel Superintendent

Successive Hostel Superintendents :


Name Duration
Prof. Indu Bhusan Brahmachari  1901 – 1911
Prof. Bhuban Mohan Sen  1911 – 
Prof. Lakshmi Narayan Chatterjee   
Prof. (Dr.) Surya Kumar Bhuyan   
Prof. Srinath Chakraborty   
Prof. Indu Mohan Sarkar  1934 – 1946
Prof. Chandra Das  1946 – 1957
Prof. Prafulla Pran Changkakoti  1958 – 1960
Prof. Tarini Kanta Bhattacharya  1960 – 1965
Prof. Womesh Prasad Medhi  1965 – 1970
Prof. Ananta Kumar Dutta  1970 – 1973
Prof. Nagendra Chandra Goswami  1973
Prof. Bapu Krishna Choudhury  1973 – 1978
Prof. Jyotish Chandra Sarma Baruah  1978 – 1983
Prof. Sunil Chandra Deb  1983 – 1988
Prof. Tirtha Nath Borkotoky  1988 – 1991
Prof. Rabindra Nath Talukdar 1991 – 1996
Dr. Naren Kumar Dutta 1996 - 1999
Dr. Prahash Chandra Sarma 1999 - 2012
Dr. Pradip Sharma 2012 - 2013
Dr. Abu Mohd. Pharhad Hussain 2013 - 2014

Activities : Every year, Saraswati Puja is performed with pomp and grandeur in this hostel. Hostel picnic is also an annual activity, which is arranged during the winter in each and every year. A souvenir named ‘Smriti Lekha’, published on the occasion of the Centenary celebration of the hostel was released on 11th August, 2002. The boarders of KKH PG Boys’ Hostel bring out annually their bilingual (Assamese & English) wall magazine entitled ‘Dewalar Swar’.