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Anundo Ram Barooah Boys’ Hostel

Year of establishment : 1913


History : Anundo Ram Barooah (ARB) Boys’ Hostel was established in 1913. It was earlier known as the ‘Hindu Third Mess orsimply the ‘Third Mess’ constituted with the erstwhile 4th and 5th blocks of the Hindu Boys’ Hostel. In the year 1985, this hostel was renamed as ‘Anundo Ram Barooah Boys’ Hostel’ in memory of Late Anundo Ram Barooah, a multifaceted genius and renowned Sanskrit scholar of Assam. This hostel is consisted of two blocks with 17 rooms in each block. One room in the 1st block is used as the Common Room and the Library. Since 2004-05 session, this hostel has exclusively been reserved for students of HS classes. Many distinguished personalities of Assam in different fields once stayed in this hostel.         

Seat Capacity : 99 (in 33 rooms)

Facilities : The hostel has a spacious ground to play various outdoor games. Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom etc. are also available. Several English and Assamese daily newspapers are also regularly subscribed.

Present Hostel Superintendent : Sri Angshuman Gogoi
                                                     Department of Chemistry
                                                     Contact Numbers : 9954211617

Successive Hostel Superintendents :

Name Duration
Initial Records Not Available   
Prof. Harshanath Sen   1920 – 1939
Prof. Chandranath Kalita  1939 - 
Prof. Suresh Ch. Rajkhowa  
Prof. Harendra Kumar Choudhury  
Prof. Phanidhar Dutta  1946 – 1954
Prof. Karunananda Dutta  1954 – 1956
Prof. Rajanikanta Deva Sharma  1956 – 1960
Prof. Dambarudhar Gogoi  1960 – 1962
Prof. (Dr.) Pramoth Kanta Choudhury  1962 – 1964
Prof. Rajanikanta Chakravartty  1964 – 1969
Prof. Mahesh Ch. Bhuyan  1969 – 1973
Prof. Nanidhar Kalita  1973 – 1975
Prof. Hemanta Kr. Bhattacharyya  1975 – 1980
Prof. (Dr.) Hemanta Kr. Sarma  1980 – 1985
Prof. (Dr.) Kanak Ch. Deka  1985 – 1990
Prof. (Dr.) Pabindranath Datta  1990 – 1995
Dr. Deba Kr. Bordoloi  1995 – 2000
Dr. Pradip Sharma 2000 - 2015

Activities : Every year, Saraswati Puja is performed with pomp and grandeur in this hostel. Hostel picnic is also an annual activity, which is arranged during the winter in each and every year. ‘Pratiddhani’, the wall magazine of ARB Boys’ Hostel is brought out twice in a year, one on the occasion of Freshers’ Social and another on the Saraswati Puja day. In 2002 and 2005, old and new boarders’ meets were organized in this hostel. On these occasions, two souvenirs viz. ‘Smritilekha’ (in 2002) and ‘Anuranan’ (in 2005) were released.