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Padmashree Nalini Bala Devi Girls’ Hostel

Year of establishment : 1950

History : The admission of two girl students to I.Sc. class in Cotton College in the year 1933 marks the beginning of co-education in this part of the country. Ever since, the number of girl students in both Arts and Science classes went on increasing steadily. Consequently the need for a hostel for girl students was felt strongly. This problem was temporarily solved in 1933 by accommodating girl students in the Lewis Memorial Hostel, situated near the river side and run by the American Baptist Mission. Till 1933, this hostel with 32 rooms had been used by boy students of Cotton College. In 1937, a very decent and commodious hostel (named as ‘Sarah E. White Memorial Hostel’) for girl students was opened by the American Baptist Mission authorities in the Chatribari area and the girl students of Cotton College were accommodated there. From 1st November, 1944, the college authority had started a girls’ hostel in a rented house as a trial basis. From 1st August, 1950, this hostel in a rented house in the east side of Dighalipukhuri was named ‘Cotton Girls (CG) Hostel’ [later ‘Cotton Girls Hostel – I (CG – I)’]. In 1958, an Assam type house was erected in the present hostel premises and was named ‘Cotton Girls Hostel – II (CG – II)’. In 1964, the present R.C.C. building was constructed and both CG – I & CG – II were merged and named as ‘Cotton Girls Hostel – I (CG – I)’. In the year 1986, this hostel was renamed as ‘Padmashree Nalini Bala Devi (NBD) Girls’ Hostel’ after the name of the great Assamese Poetess Late Nalini Bala Devi. Late Dr. Kamala Roy was the first superintendent of this hostel (1950 – 1960).

Seat Capacity : 112 (in 25 rooms)

Facilities : The hostel has a spacious ground to play various outdoor games. Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom etc. are also available. Several English and Assamese daily newspapers, and magazines are regularly subscribed in this hostel.

Present Hostel Superintendent : Ms. Manju Deori
                                                     Department of Botany
                                                     Contact Number : 9859532143

Successive Hostel Superintendents :

Name  Duration
1. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] K. Roy (old CG – I)  1950 - 1960 
2. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] S. Dutta (old CG – II) 1958 - 1964 
3. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] R.P.M. Bordoloi (old CG – I) 1960 - 1963 
4. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] J. Bhattacharya  1964 – 1970
5. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] L. Das  1970 – 1975
6. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] G. Deka  1975 – 1980
7. Prof. (Ms.) K. Deka  1980 – 1985
8. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] A. Buzarbarua  1985 – 1990
9. Prof. (Ms.) L. Das  1990 – 1991
10. Prof. (Ms.) R. Begum  1991
11. Prof. (Ms.) A. Choudhury  1991 – 1996
12. Dr. (Ms.) S. Sharma (Bhattacharya)  1996 – 2002
13. Dr. (Ms.) P.R. Akhtar  2002 – 2007

Activities : NBD Hostel annually organizes ‘Nurul Islam Memorial Inter-Cotton Hostel and Department Poem Recitation Competition’. Every year, Saraswati Puja is performed with pomp and grandeur in this hostel. Hostel picnic is also an annual activity, which is arranged during the winter in each and every year. The boarders of NBD Girls’ Hostel bring out annually their wall magazine named ‘Shashwat’and hostel magazine named ‘NBDian’.