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Swahid Kanaklata Girls’ Hostel

Year of establishment : 1971

History : Swahid Kanaklata (SKL) Girls’ Hostel was established just along the northern side of Padmashree Nalini Bala Devi Girls’ Hostel (CG – I) in the year 1971. Originally known as ‘Cotton Girls’ Hostel – II (CG – II)’, this hostel was renamed as ‘Swahid Kanaklata Girls’ Hostel’ in 1986 in memory of Swahid Kanaklata, the great martyr of the Freedom Movement in 1942 from Gohpur in Sonitpur District (Assam). Dr. (Mrs.) Trishna Mahanta was the first superintendent of this hostel (1971 – 1976).                            

Seat Capacity : 105 (in 21 rooms)

Facilities : The hostel has a spacious ground to play various outdoor games. Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom etc. are also available. Several English and Assamese daily newspapers, and magazines are regularly subscribed in this hostel.

Present Hostel Superintendent : Dr. Kusum Kunja Malakar
                                                       Department of Hindi
                                                       Contact Number : 9864023568

Successive Hostel Superintendents :

Name  Duration
1. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] Trishna Mahanta  1971 - 1976 
2. Prof. [Dr. (Ms.)] Joymati Medhi  1976 - 1981 
3. Prof. (Ms.) Aditi Baruah  1981 - 1986 
4. Prof. (Ms.) Lahari Das  1986 – 1990
5. Prof. (Ms.) Saroj Tahbildar  1990 – 1995
6. Dr. (Ms.) Nandita Bhattacharjee (Goswami)  1995 – 1996
7. Ms. Rajita Rajkumari  1996 – 2001
8. Dr. (Ms.) Roushan Ara Begum  2001 – 2007

Activities : Every year, Saraswati Puja is performed with pomp and grandeur in this hostel. Hostel picnic is also an annual activity, which is arranged during the winter in each and every year. ‘Annesha’ and ‘Uttaran’ are two wall magazines of SKL Girls’ Hostel, brought out twice in a year, one on the on the Saraswati Puja day and another on the occasion of Freshers’ Social respectively. The boarders of SKL Hostel also bring out annually their hostel magazine named ‘Anajori’.