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Swahid Ranjit Barpujari Boys’ Hostel

Year of establishment : 1913

History : Swahid Ranjit Barpujari (SRB) Boys’ Hostel was established in 1913. It was earlier known as the ‘Hindu Second Mess’ or simply the ‘Second Mess’ constituted with the erstwhile 1st and 2nd blocks of the Hindu Boys’ Hostel. In the year 1985, this hostel was renamed as ‘Swahid Ranjit Barpujari Boys’ Hostel’ after the name of one of its boarders, Late Ranjit Barpujari, who died in front of his Room No. 13 (now Room No. 113) in Police firing, led by the then SP of Kamrup District Mr. Pabbi on 4th July, 1960 during the Assamese Language Movement in 1960. He was declared as the first martyr (swahid) of the Assamese Language Movement in 1960 and a ‘Swahid Bedi’ has been built in memory of Swahid Ranjit Barpujari in front of the Room No. 113. Occupying an area of 7,788 square meters, this hostel is consisted of two blocks with 16 rooms in the first and 17 rooms in the second block. Since 2004-05 session, this hostel has exclusively been reserved for students of HS classes. SRB Hostel was once home to many distinguished personalities in different fields of life from Assam in particular and NE India in general.          

Seat Capacity : 93 (in 33 rooms)

Facilities : The hostel has a spacious ground to play various outdoor games. Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom etc. are also available. Room No. 108 of the hostel is used as the Common Room cum Library. The library is named as ‘Late Pabitra Gogoi Memorial Library’, in memory of Late Pabitra Gogoi, a TDC 3rd year boarder of Room No. 108, who died suddenly on 31st December, 1991 while celebrating the New Year Eve. The library contains about 300 books. Several English and Assamese daily newspapers, and magazines are also regularly subscribed.

Present Hostel Superintendent : Dr. Tafiquar Rahman, M.A(Gold Medalist), Ph.D(GU) ,Dip in Urdu (HRD,N.Delhi)
                                                     Department of Persian
                                                     Contact Numbers : 8753030590

Successive Hostel Superintendents :

Name Duration
1. Prof. Banamali Bedanta Tirtha Chakravorty  1913 – 1923
2. Prof. Bijoy Sen  1923 – 1938 
3. Prof. Umakanta Goswami  1938 - 1946
4. Prof. Dandeswar Gogoi   1946 - 1951
5. Prof. (Dr.) Prasanna Goswami  1951 - 1956 
6. Prof. Upendra Nath Lekharu  1956 – 1960
7. Prof. (Dr.) Kalinath Sarma  1960 – 1962
8. Prof. Siva Prasad Ghose  1962 – 1967
9. Prof. (Dr.) Jyotidhar Rajkhowa  1967 – 1972
10. Prof. Birendra Kumar Baruah  1972 – 1977
11. Prof. Balit Kumar Deka  1977 – 1982
12. Prof. (Dr.) Akhil Kumar Sarma  1982 - 1987 
13. Prof. (Dr.) Tarakeswar Chowdhury  1987 – 1992
14. Prof. (Dr.) Shyama Prasad Sarma  1992 – 1997
15. Dr. Pradip Kumar Baruah  1997 – 2003
16. Dr. Monuranjan Borgohain 2003 - 2016

Activities : Every year, Saraswati Puja is performed with pomp and grandeur in this hostel. Hostel picnic is also an annual activity, which is arranged during the winter in each and every year. A commemorative volume named ‘Charikuri Bara’, edited by     Dr. Sivanath Barman was published in 2005 by Na-Purani Abashi Udjapan Samiti. ‘Rod Kanchali’, the wall magazine of SRB Boys’ Hostel is brought out twice in a year, one on the occasion of Freshers’ Social and another on the Saraswati Puja day. A hand written journal entitled ‘Center Shock’ is also brought out annually by junior boarders of the hostel on the occasion of farewell to their senior outgoing boarders.


Room No. 113, where Swahid Ranjit Barpujari once stayed