The Cotton College Literary Forum has been constituted with a view to upholding the intellectual ambience among the stakeholders of Cotton College at the initiative of Dr. Dhrubajyoti  Das, Assistant professor in English and positive support from Principal, Cotton College.  The forum basically aims at promoting those students who exhibit their potentials in the field of literature and research but fail to exploit it because of the dearth of a convenient platform. The forum is committed to filling this void and working as a stimulant to the progression of the students’ creative and artistic endeavor. The forum would also make utmost efforts to encourage students’ habit of research on any subject with contemporary relevance in the fields of both humanities and sciences. Besides holding some literary programs such as seminars, workshops, conference, competitions, memorial lectures and book fairs, the forum has also in its agenda the collecting and compiling of invaluable relics of ancient Assamese literature, Assamese folk-literatures as well as writing of Cottonians dotted in different journals since the Awahon era of Assamese literature up to the  present time. It is the avowed aim of the forum to retain the rich heritage of Cotton College.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Dhrubajyoti  Das 
Assistant Professor
Dept. of English

Mobile Number: 9435077421